Goals accomplished ✔️
Vision board a reality ✔️

You are doing 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 thing👏🏻. 

Whether that's supporting your family, hitting a financial milestone, being stocked in a certain store, working on your dream collab...

Your small business dreams have come true.

Imagine this:

And maybe you've come here looking for support, which we could all use in this rollercoaster that is self employment.

But if you're here, I'm guessing you're not quite there yet.

First off, no. I only say this last one because I too have anxiety and self-destructive tendencies...

... Is this me peaking?

You've hit a plateau, don't feel the same growth, or feel a bit lost...

How do I get back on track?

What's the next step, the next push, the next product or offering?

Where do I go next?

so You've been doing okay, maybe you'd even say good,
but now you can't help thinking:

So, you want some help?

The inventory, customers, operations, admin, bookkeeping, sourcing, producing, scheduling, meeting, and now marketing... it's a lot. Referrals and word of mouth work for a while, but at some point you hit a wall and that organic growth ain't growthing anymore.

It's easy to feel repetitive, or loose sight of what makes you stand out, makes you different, or get lost in the sea of *everything* when you're so deep inside your business, especially if you're the only one on the team.

we often don’t realize how much we do know, or how little  we’re actually sharing with our audience.

What I'll also say, however, is that while we don’t know what we don’t know, 

You're just like filling in the gaps, and looking at the whole picture. That’s exactly what you do and I’ll pay you whatever the f*** you want.

And don't get me wrong, those acronyms are important, and a huge part of loving what you do everyday does come from the freedom of financial stability - but it doesn't have to be to the detriment of  your humanity, community and authenticity.

You can actually own and market a successful business without selling your soul.

And it's okay to not want an Apple-sized corporation. Some of us enjoy being in the day-to-day, interacting with our customers and being hands on. And I don’t want to just give you a pretty little bandaid solution, I want to give you clarity, confidence and connection when it comes to marketing and showing up for your brand the way you want to run it.

And I mean, if you've found me and gotten this far, I'm going to bet the classic corporate avenue isn't really your dream at all.

Maybe you've thought about hiring an agency - the ones with fancy offices and Mad Men vibes, who rhyme off acronyms like KPIs and ROIs, CTAs and CPCs...

But as quickly as you just played out this scenario in your head, you got a little sweaty at how misaligned it feels. Those big ad execs come with an invoice that makes your stomach hurt, and little-to-no warmth or connection.

Hi, I'm Meaghan.

I've spent a decade in the field trying out different roles and industries. I can whip you up a killer brand, gorgeous website, and all the ad graphics in the world.

I've worked in agencies, in-house, on contract, on retainer, I've tried the corporate route, I've had big fish clients (and let them go when it no longer felt good).

But what I love the most is when I can jump in 1:1 with business owners and work with them on the bigger picture, and use all of my skills to get them there.

Because I mean, we started our own business so we didn't have to follow the status quo, no?

I keep my client list small, and our scope of work big with holistic, 1:1 offers that allow us to dive into your business, see the gaps, and take strategic action to help you move the needle.

Done with You

Holistic marketing for businesses with a conscience.


  • 2 x 60 minute one-on-one mentoring calls via Zoom, two weeks apart
  • 4 weeks of 24/7 voice note or chat access for brainstorming and feedback

what's included:
The Pathfinder program is a one-month mentorship designed for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to find clarity, plan and execute a launch, enhance their marketing strategies, and/or make their business fit their lifestyle. It's tailored to you and will provide you with actionable steps and ongoing support to transform your business at whatever stage you're in, giving you a clear path forward.


One Month Intensive

  • minimum of one plotting call, option to have more calls as needed/schedule allows
  • Voxer or email support
  • up to 20 hours used towards brainstorm calls, design work, platform set up, web work, email marketing, influencer sourcing and coordination etc

what's included:


It's the scope freedom of a retainer without the stress of balancing hours with the ebbs and flows of business. One month to really dive in on the big picture, create and execute a well rounded scope of work, and the support of consulting, all mixed together.
Created for working through launches, campaigns, creating or restructuring sales funnels, email marketing, etc.

Done for You

Holistic marketing for businesses with a conscience.

Brainstorm Sessions

$150CAD, 1 hour, on Zoom
Our Brainstorm Session is a power hour where we can dive deep into the essence of your business, go beyond the fleeting trends, and really understand the core of your vision and how we can amplify that. We'll explore ways to transform your current season of confusion into a clear, actionable plan that aligns with your vision and values.

Come with an open mind, a summary of your current challenges, and any specific goals you hope to achieve.


Brand Clarity

If you've been around a while, this is similar to the book-solid Brand Mini offering that works around your existing logo to nail down the 'everything else' of your brand - messaging, audience, and visuals.
$1,850CAD, ~1-2 week turnaround
Just what it sounds like - clarity on your brand. It's all the juicy, revelatory bits of a doing a fully custom brand project, but at a fraction of the investment.

apply now

what's included:
  • Brainstorm Session
  • Visual moodboard for creative direction - great for social inspo, brand photoshoots, etc
  • Colour palette
  • Typography system
  • Clarity document with an overview of your business, offerings and ideal clients

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typical investment of $4,950CAD
turnaround ~2-3 weeks
  1. Branding suite available including logo, colour palette, type system (preferred pricing for clients who have previously completed a Custom Brand or Brand Clarity project with Millson and Main Creative)
  2. Brand Photos (can provide recommendations
  3. Offers established (may include Brainstorm Session if needed). Option to add on pages as needed ie. separate Services page, etc.

Refine or establish your web presence to stand out against the competition, position you as the go-to, and make it easy for customers to understand how they can work with you and what makes you stand out.

Homepage Sprint

  • comprehensive homepage
  • 2-weeks post-handover email support

what's included:


$350CAD, ~1 week turnaround
  • video recording
  • Option to add hours for execution of recommendations at preferred rate as our schedule allows

Review of your existing website or branding with feedback and actionable steps for improvement.

Web +
Design Audits

what's included:

Let's get you sorted!

Schedule a free 15-min call and we'll chat about what's coming up for you and what the best solution would be.