January 29, 2024

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Lil’ Board + Batten Feature Wall

Tbh I hope this doesn’t go viral because I don’t wanna deal w the mans telling me I’m doing something wrong 😂😂😂 But for my friends who are also not skilled tradesmen and want to do something like this, it honestly wasn’t that hard (I do have ADHD and have done it once before the […]

January 1, 2023


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2022 Year In Review

It looks like this year’s trend is sharing our stats – the good, bad, and ugly. We’re normalizing less income, and prioritizing meaningful work-life balance. I may not be a math person but I LOVE spreadsheets and random stats, and honestly this was really eye-opening for me personally in a year where I felt so […]

November 15, 2022

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My Postpartum Essentials

I constantly hear ‘things no one tells you about’ in regards to life postpartum, so here’s me telling you all the things that have helped make my life easier. knix First off, I’m an affiliate (MILLSONANDMAIN_KNIXLOVE), however I did not have knix after Maddox, so can confirm they are a game changer. Post-partum bleeding made […]

September 4, 2022


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My Favourite Secondhand Shops

Back-to-school season is in full swing apparently, Maddox is only in preschool but we woke up today and it was 11°C and I realized he like has no socks and also needs pants… and long sleeves…. and I’m also looking for a Spiderman costume apparently. If you’ve been around for any length of time you […]